With great products comes great responsibility! I NEED YOU to let this image over <- here not be the last I see of the stuff.  If its great, tell everybody!  If it sucks, tell me first so I can fix it, and then when its great, tell everybody!

Sharing your install and customer experience is very valuable to me, so valuable that I am willing to pay for it.  I cant afford to sponsor major websites, but what I can do is hook a brother up with the below flat rates.


-post of your install or experience with the product on a major message board $15 or free t-shirt

-video review to youtube $20 or free t-shirt and coozie


Featured Customer

This mega project on my personal car took place first quarter of 2017 to showcase some of my parts and develop new ones.  Was and I believe still the only twin turbo c7 z06.

Check out this link for a listing of all involved: https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c7-force...

We are averaging twice as many cans per month this year vs 2015!  While processing about 4.5 custom catch can orders a day on top of the other products on the site, you guys also keep me busy with almost 40 emails par day, and that's not counting our phone,text, or fac...

Brian, like many of my fellow gearheads ran into a real estate issue putting 10 pounds of mods in the 5 pound bag front end of his 4th gen F-body.  The larger Procharger upgraded head unit was arguing for space with the factory radiator and something had to give!  He w...

Thank you all for your patience.  The new cans are now going out the door, but we have a lot of catching up to do.  It will be worth the wait :)


Popular subject going on a couple message boards;  there is an idea boosted by the 'copy a racecar' type that maintaining some high level of crank vacuum is 'better'.  Is it really?  My thoughts:


The best way to avoid cank pressure IMO is to just 'let it go'...

For better or worse; I took my two year old website that was just getting cozy, and threw it out the window for this one.

I feel like companies large and small go 'stale' so lets see if I am right!  Always looking for new things, innovations in every direction, if you h...


Matt came to me earlier this year with a problem  The procharger fans suck (well not enough actually that is the problem).  He sourced the biggest single fan that wold fit, and a smaller one to take up the rest of the space, and with little fuss just a couple careful...


So this should be some fun, hopefully, as I get comfortable on the other side of the phone. I would like to do video education of the can stuff, or any other things shrouded in secrecy by other companies.  What would you like to see? CONTACT ME every idea is a good on...

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Customer Spotlight: Brian VanVorst

June 2, 2016

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