*You must order your mounting kit, accessories, or any spare parts separately!*

This is our STANDARD SIZE can which is 3" around and 7.5" tall vs 3.5" XL.


The DRAFT can hooks up two ways, both closed for vacuum scavenging and open in times of pressure. 

1. This is spliced directly in-line of the stock PCV system to catch oil normally consumed by the PCV and gives some crankcase pressure relief.  Because it relies on OEM PCV regulation and line sizes; Increased HP capacity is limited.  This is the predecessor to the current 5+ PCV can, so in this configuration it does not filter near as well, and there is no integral boost check option.


2. For those that want to keep the breather closed when possible, but do not want to or can not hook up to the intake manifold; (Diesel applications) This can is connected only between the engine and your main air filter.  This is high flow and can handle a lot of HP but also recirculates more of the fumes directly to your engine as part of total air supply.  The amount of DRAFT can be influenced by clean side fitting selection and vac/restriction generated by your air filter.  This is the can assembly you will find within my diesel 'MILD' Complete kits.


This Draft assembly comes with the fittings chosen here.

If one fitting is larger than the other, that will be your dirty side / inlet fitting.  The smaller fitting will be  your clean side / outlet fitting.

The oil sight window is the standard 3rd fitting if you are not sure.

Fully assembled including breather standard, and drain fitting.
DRAFT models feature 'One-Way' breather check and 'Clean side exit' fitting.

-for crankcase ventilation HP ratings are: 3/8" barb or -6AN=600HP capacity, 1/2" barb or -8AN=800, -10AN=1000, and 12AN=1200HP maximum.
Made in the USA!

Gen 5 DRAFT Can

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