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This is my old ride, Mightymouse 3 which I drove to 6 LS / NMCA True Street Championships in 7 attempts.  Retired and sold in early 2012. Things I needed that nobody else could figure out I did for myself.  Most everything we sell comes from this same need.


Who am I?

     'Dave Childress, I'm a regular car guy like ya'll. I need car parts that work. If they don't work they don't stay on it, and I don't mind telling people why.  I only recommend what I have seen work with my own two eyes.  I'm on ls1tech, corvetteforum, similar, and like pretty much anything that makes unreasonable power and well thought solutions. I have a pair of cute kids and an awesome wife who drives me nuts. I like to drink beer and eat hot wings. 'MERICA​

What am I doing here?

     Over the years of making a this or a that to help with my own cars and friends cars, I've come to the point where I am able to share the things I've learned, figured out, and engineered with everyone. Solutions to problems, and improvements to all things related to automotive and cool.  If you have something you need help getting made, give me a shout.  I love new ideas and projects and am excited to help.  Hopefully you see something here you like, and if you have a problem with anything please don't hesitate to give me a shout.

What am I doing If i have spare time?

I am not only the owner, I am also a client!  Unlike many small and large companies in our hobby, I not only participate in the hobby, but I also invest my own money in it!  Instead of practicing on customer cars, I buy my own, and develop these products for my own personal quality and performance requirements.  I don't put crap on my car, so neither will you!  To the left is my latest rig, a 2016 3LZ.  This happens to be the quickest and fastest SBE Ccorvette as well as the record for GM overall on the original engine.  It uses many of my own parts, including:

-C7 methanol pump bracket

-C7 dual cubbie pod

-C7 button bezel

-C7 powerglide trim plate

-C7 XL PCV Catch can system

-Z06 'Alumastar' Drag wheel adapters

-Dual -12AN fuel tank tap

-LT Smart Coil brackets

-The MM t-shirt and decals added slightly more power than the twin turbos, so do not forget them with your order!

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