MM Gen 5 Overview / FAQ:

The RACE can is an open vent catching whatever liquids come from the crankcase.

It is completely passive, not connected to your incoming air supply at all.  That means zero blow-by fumes consumed by your engine, but that also means the fumes will go to your engine bay and sometimes, the cabin. *sensitive noses beware*


The DRAFT can hooks up two ways, both closed for vacuum scavenging and open in times of pressure. 

1. This is spliced directly in-line of the stock PCV system to catch oil normally consumed by the PCV and gives some crankcase pressure relief.  Because it relies on OEM PCV regulation and line sizes; Increased HP capacity is limited.  This is the can assembly you will find within most of my 'MILD' Complete kits.

2. For those that want to keep the breather closed when possible, but do not want to or can not hook up to the intake manifold; The PCV system is completely deleted, and this can is connected only between the engine and your main air filter.  This is high flow and can handle a lot of HP but also recirculates more of the fumes directly to your engine as part of total air supply.  The amount of DRAFT can be influenced by clean side fitting selection and vac/restriction generated by your air filter.  This is the can assembly you will find within my diesel 'MILD' Complete kits.


The PCV can is the max effort bells and whistles fix for people who want a PCV system and high HP.

Clean air still comes into the crankcase to filter out particles/fumes/moisture during regular driving and is constantly scavenged back out by intake manifold vac (just like stock).

We block boost from entering the can / engine, we catch the oil before it is consumed, we relieve any crankcase pressure created from high HP, and we recirculate very little of these fumes during full load, so  the engine can make power with as much clean fresh air as possible.  Because of the special configuration; we are no longer 'restricted' by the factory system, and can connect to the crankcase with full-flow or multiple fittings to accommodate high hp.  This is the can assembly you will find in my 'WILD' complete kits.


It is expected these installations to be handled by someone Mechanically inclined, just like the previous mods that brought you here.  Installing catch cans incorrectly can result in engine damage.  It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure installation and connections are done to spec before running your engine, and that any question or concern be relayed and evaluated before further use.


Owner Responsibility: The catch cans hold 4oz until liquid shows on the oil sight (drain now). 6oz is maximum capacity (half way on the sight), and at 8oz the can is completely full (sight is full) and will begin sucking back in the collected oil.  Some fill fast, some slow, some seem to never amount to anything, but it is extremely important to not let the can fill completely and it is up to the owner to be in charge of this. Extended use near or below freezing, including storage can lead to increased condensation and water in the can.  Not only does this take up volume as mentioned above, but water can also freeze and stop the airflow through the can possibly causing engine damage.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


This can is NOT a solution for a bad engine.  Use on one with excessive blowy from damage or poor construction, over the course of a racing event, is at the owners risk.  There is no way to assume this can is able to hold much engine oil.  In some instances it can and will overflow to anything near the discharge,  damage such as fire or injury can result.  It is up to you to monitor on your own.

PICK THE RIGHT THING: The catch cans and systems only work as well as you did making sure what you bought is what you need.  After determining which can type you need, you may also want to make sure that the hoses and fittings mounted to it and your engine are right for  your application.  Above is a quick spreadsheet to help you see why the right size hoses make all the difference!

Gen 5+ Combos:

Complete 'Turn-key' Systems
Pre-Packaged kits for easy shopping.
All the fixins!
Build your own MM can system.
Need Help!
Questionnaire to pick the right can
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