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GEN 6 Revolution Launch!

- Launching 4/4/2024
- Included in every can system (PCV mild / wild, or RACE Kit)
-25% Reduction in weight
-Increased storage
-NEW compact billet breather lower profile and more durable
-NEW fail proof high flow billet drain valve and extensions
-NEW lightweight and more durable ribbed can body
-NEW REVOLUTION PCV center separator regulator design


Our Best Sellers!

MARCH 2024 MOTORTREND consultation for High Performance PCV System Article CLICK LINK HERE!

My Inspiration

Customers are my pride and joy.  The more 'custom' the better!  I like to show them off.  This entire section is devoted to you!

Christmas 2015.  About everything I get up for in the morning is contained in this photo.  Cars are sweet too!

Please do enjoy the place and make yourself at home.  Please DO share your opinions, especially if something is broken.  No opinions tomorrow please.

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