-People mess up when ordering this a lot, if you are not completely sure ASK me questions first. PLEASE do not be that guy.

-IF YOU ARE EXPECTING HOSE AND A HOSE END TO COME WITH THIS YOU NEED 'COMBO' or add it yourself to the cart separate.

Add this to your cart to change your can to have a fitting top or buy separate to upgrade existing GEN4 or 5 build.
This sets the can up with a fitting on top of the can instead of the breather

If you add this to a RACE can it will continue to be fully open, and if you add this to DRAFT / PCV can it will continue to be vacuum closing.
Choose your pressure vent release fitting size:  This should be at least as large as you can inlet fitting.
-for crankcase ventilation HP ratings are: -6AN=600HP capacity, -8AN=800, -10AN=1000, and -12AN=1200HP maximum


-This top strongly recommended on road race circuit applications, not being able to drain the can as it becomes full and any subsequent overflowing of the breather onto headers can cause a dangerous fire.

-Combo kits come with 3ft of your size push lock discharge hose and a 90* hose end for it.
Here is a video of it in action:

Made in the USA!
A Mightymouse Solutions Exclusive!

Fitting top Conversion

Order type:

These parts are made-to-order and usually go out in 5 business day USPS first class unless combined with another order.

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