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*Now includes Gen 6 Drain standard!*

This is for our STANDARD SIZE can which is 3" around and 7.5" tall vs 3.5" XL.

Add this to your cart to change your PCV can to 'Shorty'

This is not a catch can by itself, you can 'convert' a can on the same order, or 'upgrade' a can you already have.
This reduces the height of your can assembly by 2"
(from about 7.5 to 5.5")
This can has only two ports, slightly reduced filtering, and significantly reduced capacity.
-The third port (usally sight windown) will be dropped from your selection with this in your cart-
This cannot be used with RACE cans or XL cans.
Made in the USA!

'Shorty' your Standard 3" PCV can

PriceFrom $1.00