Smaller and more accurate than the OG series, brushed stainless steel and laser etched with black anodized block spacers.

Point at your timing! you are a bad mofo if you need these.
Choose your timing cover style.

NOTE! Some water pumps have a casting post in the way, and the ls1/6 style timing kit need be used.
Option for stock or similar 7.5 diameter and popular 10 and 25% underdrive 6.75" and 6.5"

Measure from the front of the timing cover where the screw sits:

short = 3.625" to end of tip

medium = 4.125" to end of tip

long = 5.125" to end of tip

Example Photo Gallery HERE
Made in the USA!
-A MightymouseSolutions Original!

LS NEW Series Timing Pointers