*You must order your mounting kit, accessories, or any spare parts separately!*


The PCV can is the max effort bells and whistles fix for people who want a PCV system and high HP.

Clean air still comes into the crankcase to filter out particles/fumes/moisture during regular driving and is constantly scavenged back out by intake manifold vac (just like stock).

We block boost from entering the can / engine, we catch the oil before it is consumed, we relieve any crankcase pressure created from high HP, and we recirculate very little of these fumes during full load, so  the engine can make power with as much clean fresh air as possible.  Because of the special configuration; we are no longer 'restricted' by the factory system, and can connect to the crankcase with full-flow or multiple fittings to accommodate high hp.  This is the can assembly you will find in my 'WILD'complete kits.


This PCV assembly comes with the boost check valve exit fitting and the fittings chosen here.

The Super check assembly is always the Fitting 1 choice, but you can move it to position 2 easily.

The oil sight window is the standard 3rd fitting if you are not sure.

Fully assembled including breather standard, and drain fitting.
PCV models feature 'One-Way' breather check and 'Boost-Proof exit' fitting.

-for crankcase ventilation HP ratings are: 3/8" barb or -6AN=600HP capacity, 1/2" barb or -8AN=800, -10AN=1000, and 12AN=1200HP maximum.
Made in the USA!

Gen 5+ PCV Can

SKU: 52
Check Exit Fitting 1
Inlet Fitting 2
Fitting 3 (usually sight)

These parts are made-to-order and usually go out in 7 business day USPS priority or less unless combined with another order.

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