This is for mounting SPAL 13" fans directly to a Trailblazer SS or OEM LT1 (found on 93-97 f-bodies) 

-LT1 fans are found cheap on ebay around 50 shipped.
-some fans are not perfectly round and will need massaged to fit!
-THE SPAL MOUNTING IS FOR PART NUMBERS 30100398, 30101507, 30102044

-comes in bare 1/8" aluminum, laser cut and bent

-include mounting hardware , water pump cap, and sticker

-Optional NEW AND IMPROVED 3 relay harness will come with pins you need to install based on your computer.  This harness is built and fused for 30A.  Use at your own risk.

-In order to have e-fans work you will either need the PCM tuned, triggered by a thermatic fan controller, or wired through a manual switch.

Customer / Install gallery HERE

Made in the USA!
-A MightymouseSolutions Exclusive!

TBSS E-fan Shroud / Harness